I'm so grateful you ended up here.

I've been an artist my whole life. I started my interest in photography when I was in Elementary school, taking pictures of my friends with my Mom's camera and editing them on Photobucket. 

I started working as a photographer professionally in college 6 years ago, but the past 3 years have been really pivotal in my journey as not only a gal with a camera but a creative who strives to draw out emotion and individuality. 

I'm Barb,

Hello friend!

"I love
helping people realize how beautifully created
they are."

Love,  Barb

I was born in South Florida, where I grew up with salty skin & sandy toes. In 2018 I graduated college & moved to Rock Hill, SC where I re-launched my business & I’ve been serving the carolinas ever since! 

I’m married to my story-book love & best-friend, zach. We spend our time driving around in his truck listening to random songs we’ve dug up & going on crazy adventures. We share a baby girl named lenora. She is everything. 

I’m not interested in perfection & I’m driven to reveal to the “everyday” person that they are unique & worthy. I'm intentionally collaborative with my clients to help bring their story to life. I hope to always serve god in my business by being inviting & honorable. 

I hope to work with you soon!

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I love sessions that feel authentic, romantic and whimsical.
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New Girl
Cultural Anthropology
Fort Lauderdale,, Florida
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